About Us

  • Autogro’s Corporate Office is located in Miami, Florida
  • Autogro’s North Florida Office is located in Orlando, Florida.
  • Autogro's North East Florida Office is in Fort Pierce, Florida.


President and CEO: Alex Kozak


Over 25 years of hands on Group Buying experience.

The business model has a customer for life foundation.

"There are no silver bullets.  The economy doesn’t seem so scary when you know your money is being handled with responsibility and looked over constantly with much focus and attention."

What separates Autogro from all other GPOs are:

Focus on Total Cost, not just price.

Inventory Management is the foundation of Cash Flow Control

Principle of Synergy – Power of 3:


World Class Suppliers

Dealership Professional Team


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General Manager North Florida: Donald Bourne

Over 30 years of hands on Auto Dealer Professional Experience including 7 years of managing North Florida for Autogro.

AutoGro prides itself on reducing expenses and improving dealer profits by leveraging the purchasing power of its group while providing high-value and low cost solutions.  



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Executive Administrator: Marie Rivera

Marie has a B.A. in Business Administration with a major in Marketing from the University of Puerto Rico. Born in Puerto Rico and moved to Florida since 2001.


She brings to Autogro over 20 years of experience in the Sales and Administration fields including Business Partner relationships.


Worked for companies like Nationwide Insurance Co., Cognos Corporation and IBM among others.


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Director of Sales: Bob Schwenz

Bob has over 16 years of hands on Automotive Dealer experience, including 12 years working for Dent Wizard International.

He prides himself in matching customers of diverse needs with optimal products and services to meet their specific requirements. 

Bob demostrates the proficiency to improve pricing consistency while increasing the dealers' profitability.


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